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World renowned photographer Fran Lebowitz once famously remarked, "You're only as good as your last haircut". In this statement she was partially correct; without the right grooming product even the best haircut doesn't stand a chance!

The quest for the perfect grooming product, and passion for the distinguished and refined look, led to the creation of JS Sloane Co.. Casting an eye on the golden-age of Hollywood nostalgia, JS Sloane Co. harks back to this vintage sensibility. In this post-grunge, neo-hipster age, there's a breed of men that pays fastidious attention to detail, and in doing so, elevates the mundane daily grooming ritual to the sublime. His appreciation of masculine elegance and distinguished style brings back an era in time when being well-groomed was a prerequisite to social interaction. This new dapper gentlemen leaves no detail to chance. Think custom-made shirts, straight-razor shaves, and vintage Cadillac's.

JS Sloane's new take on classic brilliantine and grooming products, has been perfected and formulated to offer the most desirable characteristics of pomades, waxes, and hair greases of the past. Leaving out any of the drawbacks and undesirable traits, such as greasiness, heaviness, drying, and the difficultly to wash out, these traits have been replaced by a dapper-gentleman's wish-list of hairstyling benefits. Styling ease, unbeatable hold that's soft to the touch, and best of all, washes out with nothing more than water. JS Sloane's retro-pink brilliantine, with its incredible fresh scent and cloud-light touch, comes in three textures: Heavyweight, Mediumweight, and Lightweight. With a wide range of grooming products from shampoos to beard oil, JS Sloane products are classic and refined.

JS Sloane Co., a line of bespoke gentlemen's grooming products designed for the man who doesn't follow fashion, he makes it. Hollywood-legend handsome good looks are at your fingertips with JS Sloane!

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